“We think you’ll be very glad you didn’t live in Germany during the Middle Ages when you hear how they cured toothache….people with toothache were advised to kiss a donkey!”



“Walruses don’t just use those giant canine teeth to eat…they use them to anchor themselves to the ice while they sleep!”

Did you know?

Here are a few fun facts about teeth which we think you’ll find interesting!  If you have a fun fact about teeth, why not email it to us at  so we can include it on our ‘Did You Know?’ page! 


“Crocodiles don’t clean their own teeth! They let a tiny little bird called a plover pick their teeth for scraps of food- we think these plover birds must either be very brave or very hungry! ”


“Sharks grow a new set of teeth every 2 weeks! ”

"Sharks grow a new set of teeth every 2 weeks!"




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